Class Descriptions

    Invest in your child’s future today!!!!  Children between the ages of 5-13 can participate in this action packed disciplined class. The program will be designed to enhance a child’s well being by teaching them goal setting, self- defense, discipline, honesty, integrity, respect, dedication, honor, and heart.

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1.  Goal setting – This aspect focuses on having students plan and decide on a goal and working hard to achieve their goals. DCS will help with a positive influence in any way they possibly can to help individuals achieve these goals. Goals can vary from weight loss, to flexibility or even becoming a world champion.

2.  Self-confidence – At DCS we will strive for students to believe in themselves. In competition they always say it is 10 percent physical and 90 percent mental. As a professional competitor for almost 20 years the head trainer of the school truly believes in this and will strive for students to as well. By enrolling in the school students will gain the assurance that they can do anything if they put their mind to it. It can be as little as gaining the confidence to speak in public to having the confidence to walk at night knowing one can defend themselves.

3.  Honesty – Learning that cheating and lying will always catch up to you. DCS will strive to have a positive environment that promotes being to be honest with each other and that cheating won’t get you ahead but hard work and dedication will.

4.  Integrity – Ability to discern what is wrong and what is right. DCS will promote a righteous image and will push this along to students young and old to know the difference between right and wrong and always choosing the right thing to do.

5.  Respect – Admire one another no matter what age, race, or gender. Always being polite and courteous to each other. For children it will be stressed to respect your elders such as parents, teachers, grandparents, etc. Respecting the gym and ensuring it is kept clean and well maintained, respecting your instructors and listening to them.

6.  Dedication – DCS will strive for individuals to dedicate themselves by participating in a regular basis at the school. They will learn how to focus on a goal and dedicate themselves to achieving them.

7.  Honor – The school will strive to have individuals with high moral grounds, respectable, polite, and true to their word.

8.  Heart – This attribute is probably one of the most if not most important trait that we want all students to achieve.  The ability to not to give up no matter how hard things get.  To be able to push through things no matter what the obstacle is.

9.  Self-defense – In this day and age with all the bullying and the horrific people do to children it is good that parents arm their children with something that they could use if ever confronted in a situation like this.  At DCS children learn to defend themselves if the situation was to ever occur.  With that said at DCS martial arts is for self-defense only.

    Ladies, here we offer a positive and fun environment where you can get a great physical workout, relieve stress, learn self- defense and have a great time. Ladies will have the benefit of having high-energy and motivating trainers to push them to do their best and achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves.

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    Also known as the art of eight limbs. Students learn the best techniques to punch, kick, elbow, and knee straight from Thailand. Participate in drills and methods from some of the best krus and masters out of Thailand.
    The very best of takedowns, reversals, submissions, and positions from around the world will both standing and on the ground will be taught in this class.
  • MMA
    Here we showcase the complete art of DCS, where we combine all the standup aspects in addition to the ground aspects of combat. In essence its Muay Thai kickboxing and submission wrestling.
  • JIU-JITSU – promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger assailant by using proper technique, leverage, and most notably, taking the fight to the ground, and then applying joint-locks and chokeholds to defeat the opponent
    This class focuses more on the hands. Punches, head movement, rhythm, footwork, timing, and distance are emphasized in this class. The best boxing straight out of the Mecca of boxing, Las Vegas is offered here.
    We offer private to semi-private training sessions. Here individuals will get the opportunity to receive the one on one attention necessary to enhance their own specific needs

THE KNOCKOUT – This is a yoga fitness class.  The focus is to get you tight and toned from head to toe. The Knockout Workout is part yoga, part strength and whole body conditioning. This class uses calisthenics, balance and select equipment to improve muscle tone, core strength, posture and flexibility. The perfect balance between strength and flexibility. That’s a Knockout Combo!
(Please bring your own yoga mat.  Yoga mats are available to rent for $2)

HIIT CIRCUIT –  Fast paced, high energy and fun! This HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Circuit is an athletic style workout that includes a variety of drills and exercises to increase speed, agility, strength and power. Cardio, strength and conditioning are all rolled into one awesome fat burning, metabolism boosting, VO2 max increasing workout.

POWER YOGA A yoga class for athletes.  Improve your athletic performance with a greater range of motion, better body awareness, faster recovery, more energy and improved focus for a stronger mental game. For those who speak Yogi, our classes are Power Vinyasa Style which is our favourite for building strength and breaking a sweat. Poses are linked together in a gentle to moderate pace and beginners are always welcome.