DCS Rules

  1. Martial Arts is for self-defense only.
  2. Leave all egos at the door. We are all equals at DCS.
  3. Leave all negativity at the door. Inside the gym we strive to maintain a fun, positive, and encouraging environment.
  4. Respect your instructors, DCS staff, family, and fellow students.
  5. No foul language in the gym. Absolutely no swearing in DCS.
  6. Be courteous to your fellow students and maintain a high level of personal hygiene. (Wear clean shirt during class, nails clipped, students are not permitted to train when they are ill, etc.)
  7. Keep the gym clean and tidy. Clean off all equipment after use.
  8. Absolutely no shoes on the mats. (Wrestling shoes or soft soled shoes are permitted)
  9. Train hard and be consistent with your workouts.
  10. Pay your tuition fees on time.


* We reserve the right to refuse service