Ryan TMT c Ryan ‘The Lion’ Diaz:
Instructor. Owner. Fighter. Champion.

Filipino-Canadian fighter Ryan “The Lion” Diaz is a veteran of Strikeforce, Superbrawl, TKO, KOTC, and Shooto Japan. With notable fights against Mark Homminick, Abel Cullum, Nam Phan, Eddie Yagin,Steve Claveau, Kola Koka, and Thierry Quenneville, Ryan Diaz documented 17-13 MMA record is filled with big name fights. Ryan Diaz is member of Arizona Combat Sports; some current and past fighters include Jamie Varner, Ryan Bader, CB Dolloway, Joe Riggs, John Moraga, Carlos Condit, Aaron Simpson, Seth Baczynski.

Some of Ryan “The Lion” Diaz accomplishments include:


  • King of the Cage 135 lbs. MMA World Champion
  • King of the Cage 145 lbs. MMA Canadian Champion
  • AFC 135 lbs. MMA World Champion
  • Hook n Shoot 135 lbs. MMA North American Championfight55a
  • 2 x Pacific Northwest Pankration Champion
  • North American Muay Thai Champion
  • Strikeforce, Shooto, Superbrawl, Shootboxing Japan, K-U Japan, Abu Dhabi veteran