REAL credentials

I’ve fought all over the world and most of my fights have been documented on all types of media including pay-per-view. I have competed in Japan, The Philippines, Abu Dhabi, and all over North America. I remember fighting on same shows as guys like George St. Pierre and Robbie Lawler when they first started their careers. I fought in the days with no rounds, no database (,, etc.) or even real sanctioning. I didn’t fight for money, fame, or sponsorships. I fought for the love of competition, just a chance to showcase my skills. I began fighting where we didn’t worry about our fight records, we didn’t know we needed to have a 10-0 record to get into the UFC because the UFC wasn’t the big show as it is today. So my record online does not reflect my skills in one bit. I fought on 3 days notice, competed against people 3 weight categories above me, and fought top ranked fighters when I was just starting my career. I fought for the love of fighting.”

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