REAL credentials

I’ve fought all over the world and most of my fights have been documented on all types of media including pay-per-view. I have competed in Japan, The Philippines, Abu Dhabi, and all over North America. I remember fighting on same shows as guys like George St. Pierre and Robbie Lawler when they first started their careers. I fought in the days with no rounds, no database (,, etc.) or even real sanctioning. I didn’t fight for money, fame, or sponsorships. I fought for the love of competition, just a chance to showcase my skills. I began fighting where we didn’t worry about our fight records, we didn’t know we needed to have a 10-0 record to get into the UFC because the UFC wasn’t the big show as it is today. So my record online does not reflect my skills in one bit. I fought on 3 days notice, competed against people 3 weight categories above me, and fought top ranked fighters when I was just starting my career. I fought for the love of fighting.”

REAL instructors

Owner/Head Instructor Ryan Diaz has taught thousands of students of all ages from all over the world. The most important aspects of being a good coach, trainer, and instructor is knowing that everyone is different. We all have different body types, we’re all not the same weight or height, we don’t even have the same reach. Our instructors find the best techniques and most appropriate methods specifically tailored for each individual.
The goal of my instructors and I is to make DCS a positive and fun environment. We strive to make people believe in themselves want them to believe that anything is possible.

REAL martial arts training

Ryan Diaz has been training his entire life, around the world. He’s efficient in various styles of martial arts and was taught every way to execute a punch, kick, elbow, knee, takedown, block, reversal, or submission. Through his training he has made every mistake and learned from them so that you don’t have to. Ryan Diaz lives the life of a fighter and a martial artist. His expertise and experience qualifies him to offer the most authentic to everyone.