“Here is my story and explains to everyone why you should train at and choose DCS Fitness & Martial Arts aka Diaz Combat Sports”.   Ryan Diaz

training16REAL martial arts training – “I’ve trained all my life all over the world. I’ve practiced in all the various styles of martial arts, learned all the drills, and was taught many different ways to execute a punch, kick, elbow, knee, takedown, block, reversal, or submission. I’ve already made all the mistakes of what not to do so you don’t have to. I’ve lived and continue to pursue the life of a fighter and martial artist. I know what it takes to be the best. I want to offer the best, the most effective, and most REAL training to everyone.”


REAL instructors –“ I’ve taught thousands of students over the course of my training, from all over the world, all walks of life, and of all ages. I’ve been teaching since the age of 16 and know the most important aspects of being a good coach, trainer, and instructor. What works for me may not work for you. We all have different body types, we’re all not the same weight or height, we don’t even have the same reach. I find the best techniques and most appropriate methods specifically tailored for each individual.  As a result of my world travels I’ve had the opportunity to learn all these different and new moves and offer them to you. I also understand that positivity is key. The goal of my instructors and I is to make DCS a positive and fun environment. We strive to make people believe in themselves want them to believe that anything is possible.”

training REAL credentials – “I’ve fought all over the world and most of my fights have been documented on all types of media including pay-per-view. I have competed in Japan, The Philippines, Abu Dhabi, and all over North America. I remember fighting on same shows as guys like George St. Pierre and Robbie Lawler when they first started their careers. I fought in the days with no rounds, no database (Sherdog.com, Mixedmartialarts.com, etc.) or even real sanctioning. I didn’t fight for money, fame, or sponsorships. I fought for the love of competition, just a chance to showcase my skills. I began fighting where we didn’t worry about our fight records, we didn’t know we needed to have a 10-0 record to get into the UFC because the UFC wasn’t the big show as it is today. So my record online does not reflect my skills in one bit. I fought on 3 days notice, competed against people 3 weight categories above me, and fought top ranked fighters when I was just starting my career. I fought for the love of fighting.”


Real qualifications – “I’ve never paid money for certificates, qualifications, or have claimed that I am a master, shihan, kru, sensei, etc. I’ve paid for my qualifications in my own sweat, blood, and tears. As they say, I dug my way through the trenches; I’ve sacrificed a lot to get to where I am today. I trained for many years in Thailand to learn the art of Muay Thai at places like Tiger Muay Thai, Fairtex, WMC Gym, Rompo Gym to name a few. While in Thailand I got to work with and become good friends with guys like UFC fighters Roger Huerta and Brian Ebersole. I’ve also spent a lot of time in my mother country of the Philippines to learn alternative methods of training. I eventually moved to The States to further my grasp on the martial arts. There, I was fortunate to go Arizona Combat Sports and train with some of the biggest UFC stars today. I remember when guys like Ryan Bader, CB Dolloway, Carlos Condit, John Moraga and Jamie Varner were just starting out and was holding pads for them. I’ve had the great opportunity to spend a great deal of time in Las Vegas and train under the best boxing coach in Vegas, Skipper Kelp. These are just the places I spent a great deal of time training and learning. These do not include short stints I have done at the famed Tristar gym in Montreal, Team Thompkins (Las Vegas), Extreme Couture (Las Vegas), AMC (Seattle), or countless gyms throughout The United States that I have spent short amounts of time in. I don’t claim to have trained one big name fighter. In reality I’ve worked, trained, coached and cornered countless big name fighters and have been to many big shows like the UFC. I don’t need a certificate to qualify me to be a great coach, instructor, or trainer. My experience is what does.”

REAL champions
– “When UFC first started to add weight classes, the lightest weight class was 155 lbs. And before Zuffa, the owner of UFC bought the WEC and introduced the lower weight classes. All of us lighter fighters fought in different events. At that time KOTC (King of the Cage) was where we all went. At that time Uriah Faber was the 145 lbs champion, UFC stars like Joe “Daddy” Stevenson, Tyson Griffin were part of the organization. This is when I had won the 135 lbs. KOTC World title. In addition to that I have countless MMA and Muay Thai titles that were won in various places all over the world.”


REAL care – “I believe the two most important things in my life are my family and my honor. My name is in this gym and my honor is on the line. So I truly do care and care that all students of DCS get proper attention and get the proper instruction. When you come to my school I want students to know that I do care about them and that I truly do want them to achieve whatever goal they have set. It is my name on the line so yes I truly do care.”


REAL respect – “I believe respect is earned and not given. I do not tell you that you have to bow to me or tell you to call me sensei or master. If you choose to bow out of respect to your instructor, or as a greeting of hello that is of your choosing and not because you are told you have too. Respect amongst each other in the gym is a huge must. All egos will be left at the door, we are all equals at DCS is a rule that will be strictly enforced. I want to earn everyone’s respect and don’t expect it to be given. And the first step to that is respecting everyone that comes in thru the doors of DCS.”


REAL passion – “I have dedicated my life to Martial Arts. I am very fortunate that I get to do what I love and get to do it everyday. I am passionate about my life and it shows in the way I fight and teach. My goal is to use that passion to pass my knowledge onto anyone that wishes to learn at DCS.”


REAL life – “Many of you who are reading this know me, have trained with me, have been taught by me, watch my fights, have heard of me, are friends of mine, friends of friends of mine, or even grew up together with me. I am just like many of you. I grew up in Vancouver my whole life. I went to St. Patrick’s Elementary and High School (aka St. Pat’s) from kindergarten to grade 12 and even worked at many of the nightclubs in the city. I started my career in Vancouver and had been lucky enough to travel the world and live in different places to learn martial arts. I have been through so much in my life and seen things, done things, and know things many people do not get the fortune to. For example, one of my trips to Thailand in 2004 I was caught in the Tsunami and am so lucky to have survived. All my experiences in life have opened my eyes to all life has to offer and I use that knowledge to teach my students and prepare them for real life. “